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Lorna Byrne in Conversation

Doors open 6:30 PM

Book Signing 7:00 PM

Conversation with Lorna Byrne 7:30 PM


Join international bestselling author and renowned spiritual teacher Lorna Byrne for a special speaking event to celebrate the launch of her new book, Prayers from the Heart.

Following requests from her readers around the world to write more on the matter, Prayers from the Heart delves deep into the power and importance of prayer in all of our lives as taught to Lorna from an early age, regardless of our own religion or beliefs.

At this event you will hear Lorna talk in depth about prayer from a completely different angle than one you have heard before. It will give you a better understanding of prayer itself, how it fills you with emotion and love and enables you to connect with your soul to connect with God. You will learn more about how to pray and grow spiritually to allow your soul to come forward and understand how the angels of prayer enhance your prayer, and that you never pray alone.

Most importantly it will teach you that God puts no boundaries on prayer, it is only us who do and Lorna will talk about the different ways we can pray from the depths of our soul, our hearts and our emotions. According to Lorna, prayer is prayer and it can move mountains.

Lorna Byrne’s Prayers from the Heart speaking event will take place at Glasgow Royal  Concert Hall on the 1st of June 2018. The event will also include signing, questions and answers session with Lorna and an individual blessing for those who so wish. 

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