Healing Practitioners

By Tricia Robertson

Most Body and Soul events will host at least one form of alternative healing practices. The most common being hands on spiritual healing. When I say hands on, there are occasions when the healer’s hands just hover above your body. This has been done for millennia. It is a very pleasant and relaxing experience. As with everything, the result that you are looking for cannot be guaranteed, but you should always feel better after the session in any event.

As a point of interest American Indian Medicine Men used the word “medicine” to mean any curative powers beyond the normal and natural, not as one might think with reference to herbs or drugs.

In Hawaii the Kahunas were trained as healers. They recognised the difference between the conscious and the subconscious mind- and the power of the latter-long before Freud introduced this concept.

Along with hands on healing there is absent or distant healing, akin to prayer-directed intention to help the recipient make a recovery. There is also Psychic surgery, with or without the use of surgical implements.   This could be called healing in the extreme!!! 

In psychic surgery a physical operation does, or appears to, take place on the patient. There are many reports of cases of genuine psychic surgery. Obviously, as with other claims of paranormality there have been many frauds. This does not negate the genuine cases.

Some psychic surgeons appear to carry out what looks like a charade over the body of the patient, imitating a real operation, even to a perceived smell of ether. Others actually use an implement of some kind.

This is very unlikely to be offered at events.

Absent healing is very interesting as many absent healing studies have been carried out providing very positive results. One recorded study was by.....Randolph Byrd MD. who ran a well controlled study for prayer healing to be sent to 192 cardiac patients, while another 201 similar patients acted as a control group. The people in the control group were not sent any healing thoughts at all.   The selected 192 recipients were.

The patients were randomly assigned to the groups (and not told which group they were in) and as no significant differences were noted on many variables the groups were as similar as possible and therefore the comparisons were fair.

When all of the experiments were finished it was shown without doubt that the people who were being ‘prayed’ for (i.e. sent absent healing) had a better outcome and a much shorter recovery time after their treatment.

In the 1930’s , a Russian scientist by the name of Semyon Davidich Kirlian began the first serious experiments with a photographic process that could capture images of the human “aura”.....the energy field around the body. When healers have their hands photographed by this method there is a marked change in the photographic image when they mentally direct healing to a patient.

Instead of showing the smooth contours of light which was around the fingers before the intention of healing was introduced they now show long streams of light coming from the fingers and sometimes the hands.

  • Clearly “something” is happening 
  • But how might it work?
  • Some healers feel that they are “merging with the patient’s energy field.”
  • Others think that they are directing some sort of “God given” energy for the good of the patient.

Whatever the methodology – it certainly appears to work.

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