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By Tricia Robertson

Author of Things You Can do When you’re Dead and

More Things You Can Do When You’re Dead

Everyone wonders if there is life after physical death, it is the biggest question that we can ask ourselves. Events such as Body and Soul give you a chance to test the water on this question and to examine alternative ways of thinking regarding health, therapies and tools that may help us make life just that bit brighter.

My own main interest is in evidence for life after death, having looked into this for over 30 years. 

  • How many of you have felt the presence of someone after they have passed?

  • How many of you have had weird electrical disturbances after a passing?

  • How many of you have smelt an aroma, such as a favourite perfume or tobacco smoke?

  • How many of you have actually seen an apparition?

  • How many of you have had a near death experience?

  • How many of you have known of a child who speaks of having a former life?

  • How many of you have had a reading from a medium and had to go away and check a piece of information, to find that the medium was correct? That information was previously unknown to you and the medium, so where did it come from?

These are the questions that intrigue me.

After all my years of researching, experimenting etc. I am convinced that our consciousness, our personality survives along with all our memories of that life that has passed. So let’s make this life as interesting and positive as it can be. 

Part of the joy is in knowing that you will meet those who have ‘gone before’ you.

Can I tempt you with someone’s experience, although it may not be just the one you would want!

A Fright at a Height

The following account is another relating to a solid apparition- but with one difference.

A shopkeeper of reliable reputation, who was already known to me, was recently redecorating a room in his home while the rest of the family were away on holiday.   He lives in an old style detached red sandstone property of the type that has extremely high ceilings. He had no real interest or any great knowledge of the paranormal at all until he had the following experience.

To use his words; “I was painting quite happily, stretching out at the highest point of a bedroom ceiling when suddenly my attention was caught by a man looking at me, just four feet away from my face. The level of his head was similar to my own, just inches under the ceiling.” After the initial shock he then noted that the man appeared to be solid but was only visible from his waist level to the top of his head -a man whom he then recognised as being a customer who used to come into his shop from some time back and he instantly recalled the man’s name. He saw clearly that the man was wearing an olive green shirt, a tie, a tweed jacket and that his face was in full colour and totally lifelike. This man had a rosy complexion and nicely coloured cheeks.  In life this man had the “life and soul of the party” type of personality and even now he now looked no different (the bit that he could see anyway!)

This man then pointed at him and spoke in a very animated manner and said, “Tell them not to do it, everything will be all right”. As the shopkeeper was still in a state of disbelief and shock he has no idea of how long he stared at this person.  The statement was repeated adamantly, while the man’s finger still pointed and gesticulated at him, “Tell them not to do it, everything will be all right” and then the man disappeared instantly, just as quickly as he had appeared. He did not fade away gradually, just gone, all at once.

Shaking with the shock and disbelief of what had just happened, the shopkeeper came down the ladder very slowly as he was in grave danger of falling off it and he was unable to do any more work that evening. In fact it took him quite some time before he could stop shaking enough to make himself a cup of tea. He actually had some comments to make which, for decency’s sake, cannot be repeated here.

He thought back and realised that this man had died over six years ago and his widow continued to patronise his shop.  He was stunned by the whole event.  The next day he attended his shop as usual and was happy to forget the events of the previous evening; however the following day the widow of the “apparition” came into the shop and this posed a serious problem – should he tell her or not about his experience?  He eventually decided that he should tell her and asked her to come into the back of the shop where, with much trepidation, he plucked up the courage to tell her of the events.  It was most likely done in self-defence as he probably thought that if he did not pass on the information the “man” might come back again.

When he had finished telling the lady her reaction was totally unexpected, she threw her arms around him and thanked him while saying that she had already been given similar information by someone else, and this confirmed it.  He was bewildered, as he did not have a clue as to what it was all about.

About two weeks later this lady asked him if she could speak with him in the back shop and she offered an explanation for the previous events.  It transpired that her son had been wrongly accused of a crime, but the evidence was such that, if found guilty, he could have been given a jail sentence in an adult jail, as was now, in law, considered to be an adult.  The family did not want this to happen and had thought of taking him to the Republic of Ireland to hide, which would obviously mean that he would not appear at court and equally that he would not be able to return to Scotland again. Had they taken this action the young man would be in trouble with the authorities for the rest of his life.  However, the woman took the “advice” from her husband (via the shopkeeper) and when the boy did appear in court the following week (after the message) the case was admonished by the judge, very much against their own fears about the evidence which was to be presented. The judge simply said “No case to answer.”

Remember the advice “Tell them not to do it – everything will be all right”.

The shopkeeper has never experienced anything like this before or after this event. I know his character to be an honest and trustworthy person.

In case the sceptics think that he rushed to tell me of this account, he did not.  It was only after a chance conversation with him that I had the ability to examine this case and these details emerged and he only gave them to me in the knowledge that we would not think that he had gone completely crazy.

Body and Soul Fayre

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